About our Brands

The Laura Ashley name is synonymous with romantic and quintessentially English design. With a design history spanning sixty years, Laura Ashley has become a beloved brand recognized all over the world. Building on the brand’s powerful heritage and legacy, the Laura Ashley Fine Jewelry collection is inspired by the refined and sophisticated woman that Laura Ashley represents. The pieces include iconic floral and delicate ribbon motifs, featuring diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. The brand’s expansion into the world of fine jewelry comes naturally and seamlessly. We have designed a collection that embodies the timeless, romantic and elegant style that millions associate with Laura Ashley.

V19.69 Italia  was established in Milan, by Alessandro Versace, in 2001. With his expertise and long experience in design and fashion, Alessandro Versace created a concept highly dominated by the Italian elegance, style, and quality. Nowadays, V19.69 Italia, continuing this tradition and vanguard, creates an individual style of lines, forms, and materials, following the contemporary trends and the consumers’ different needs. The brand has an international presence and launched in the US in 2015. V19.69 Italia is a diffusion brand, delivering Italian quality fashion and lifestyle at an accessible price. V19.69 Italia is luxurious, sexy and sophisticated, infused with Italian elegance and style, but also affordable and aspirational.


Julianna B is the creation of CEO Julie Schwartz and Brenda Gansbourg, Executive Vice President of Merchandising. They’re a mother-daughter team, bringing soul to every piece in the collection.

“My mother is elegant and classic. My style is more edgy and fun. Together, we create something beautiful, wearable, and elegant.”

– Brenda Gansbourg

Julianna B is more than just the fusion of J and B. It’s where classic and contemporary meet. It’s two personalities expressed in wearable, unique design. Julianna B is for smart women, designed to make the wearer feel exquisite, no matter the occasion. You don’t need a reason to put on jewelry. Just wear it – just because.

Catherine Malandrino™ is a New York-based French womenswear brand who has been a key designer resource in women’s fashion for over 15 years. With flagship stores located across the globe in New York City, Montreal, Doha, and Riyadh, Catherine Malandrino™ has international recognition. The brand has a momentous social media presence, with over 150,000 followers across platforms. One of her more iconic designs is her American flag print shirtdress. Catherine Malandrino™’s designs have been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Halle Berry.