Gold styles are coming up roses

By Olivia Barker, USA TODAY


All that glitters is not just gold — it’s also rose gold. Cool silver and brash yellow have dominated for years, but accessories are blushing in the glow of the warm metal. And women are, too, because of rose gold’s wearability. “It really does act as a neutral,” says Lucky accessories director Chris Frey. “Regardless of your skin tone, it’s always going to have a softness to it.” USA TODAY rounds up a half-dozen ways to surrender to shimmery pink.


Blushing baubles

Rose metal is blooming in popularity at the same time as colored diamonds. Frey says the two make a gorgeous couple. Setting chocolate and cognac diamonds in rose gold “immediately looks a bit vintage.” When sculpted into jewelry, rose gold is ideal for mixing metals. “It either picks up the coolness of white gold or the warmth of yellow gold,” she says.

Flushed footwear

When it comes to shoes and bags, “the metallic trend is still so gigantic,” Frey says. And shiny pale pink “goes nice with ambers and browns and those ’70s rosy/purple-y tones … It has that bohemian vibe.”

Watchful glow

Frey first noticed rose gold’s rise a couple of seasons ago in the timepiece market. “Everyone from Cartier to Seiko is having this rose gold moment.” In Lucky’s June issue, Katharine McPhee declares her love for the mellow metal, especially for the 18-karat La Dona de Cartier watch.

Manly arm candy

Guys readily wear pink shirts and ties these days, so it’s no wonder they’re taking a shine to pink gold, too. “There’s something slightly dandyish about it,” says Brenner Thomas, market editor for furnishings, accessories and grooming at DNR, the men’s fashion trade magazine. Pairing polished pink with chocolate, as Cartier does, picks up on a trendy color combination. Such pieces “can be much dressier” than, say, a Rolex Oyster, Thomas says, “so you have to consider that” — i.e., reserve rose for the boardroom and keep it off the racquetball court.