Executive Vice-President, Merchandising

Jewelry designer fueled by a life-long passion for the industry.

The jewelry business came naturally to Brenda Gansbourg. After all, it’s where she grew up. Brenda is the daughter of Delmar CEO Julie Schwartz. From a young age, her world was filled with the fascination and beauty of jewelry. She would go into the basement of their family home, admiring the latest designs and dreaming of the day she’d own something like them.

It’s an industry she didn’t think she’d find herself in, but today, it’s her passion.

Brenda learned the trade at home and studied further at The GIA.

My favourite part of our business? I love seeing finished pieces. There’s a process that goes into perfecting a piece and when you finally see the complete piece – it’s a thrill you can’t explain.

She is inspired by trends, but not ruled by them. Brenda believes jewelry should be a reflection of the women who wear it – symbolizing their elegance, heart and talents.

Brenda brings edgy, yet playful accents to the Julianna B line, combined with her mother’s classic elegant style. It’s a blend for timeless pieces, like her personal favourite, the diamond cuff. It’s evocative of lace, encrusted in diamonds.

She believes their designs are geared toward women who want to look and feel good.

When you put on something you love, you feel good. It makes you happy.

When she’s not dreaming up new collections, the mother and grandmother is spending time with her family – another passion of hers.