Junior Designer

A third-generation Delmar designer adding a contemporary touch.

Jewelry was always a part of Leah Gansbourg’s world. With parents working in the industry, she grew up constantly surrounded by sparkling gems, pearls and diamonds. It’s no surprise that her parents’ passion soon became her own. Upon marrying Brenda’s son Yossi, Leah became part of the third generation of the Delmar family.

Leah wasted no time in getting her feet wet in the industry. Soon after her wedding, she travelled with her husband to Asia. In an eye-opening whirlwind adventure, she visited established diamond suppliers in India and trendy jewelry offices in Hong Kong.

It was fascinating to discover the industry in the heart of all the action. It allowed me conceptualize my work as being part of something big and global.

Her exploration of the world of jewelry from the ground up continues here at Delmar. As a junior designer, Leah is learning what it takes to create a winning and timeless design. Bringing a young and trendy perspective to the table, she works closely with the rest of the design team to develop beautiful new pieces. Mirroring Delmar’s strong family orientation, Leah balances her work with raising her three young children.