Top 14 Trends at the 2016 Hong Kong Show

At the beginning of March, our executive team travelled to Hong Kong to attend the Asia Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair. With over 2500 exhibitors showcasing tens of thousands of their latest pieces, it was an exhausting yet fruitful whirlwind tour of upcoming trends.

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Below are 14 of the biggest trends the team noticed at this year’s show:

1. Tassels
Tassels were absolutely everywhere this year- on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, incorporated with pearls and gemstones… It’s clear that the runway trend has quickly made itself comfortable in the fine jewelry world.

tassels1 tassels2

2. Smaller-scale jewelry
Across the board, jewelry was daintier and more delicate.

smallscale1 smallscale2

3. Threader earrings
The team saw lots of the stylish and minimal earrings. Some incorporated gemstone and pearl accents, while others stayed true to the simple look they’re known for.


4. Updated vintage
Scalloped details, milgrain engraving and 2-tone metal finishes brought a breath of fresh air to classic vintage styling.

Vintage 1 Vintage 2 Vintage 3

5. Precious stones
Multi-color sapphires and rubies galore- precious stones stole the spotlight.

6. Updated open looks
Many exhibitors showcased updated open looks, this time on a vertical scale.

Updated open

7. Multipurpose jewelry
Versatile and fun, multipurpose jewelry was an exciting find. It came in many different variations- interchangeable charms, interchangeable inserts on rings, and pendants that open and close to create two very different looks.

multi1A multi1B newup1 newup2

8. Asymmetrical styles
The team saw a vast array of abstract and modern pieces.


9. Wrap styles
Wrap rings and bracelets continued to be a popular style.


10. Sliders/Abacus-style
Without an official name in the industry, a picture is worth a thousand words for this new style the team saw cropping up- pieces with multiple moveable gemstones.


11. Updated retro
Bar necklaces made a strong appearance at this year’s show. This time around, many of them were curved, often incorporating pearls and gemstones with bracelets to match.

bar necklace

12. Open rings
Going with the two-stone trend, the team saw lots of open ring looks, mostly featuring gemstones.


13. Stretch bracelets
Stretch ball chain bracelets, some with charms, were a popular find.

Stretch1 stretch2

14. Avant-garde pearls
A modern take on a timeless classic, the team saw some spectacular pearl pieces.


15. Tin cups and lariats
The classic styles made an appearance at this year’s show as well.

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